SnapPower Charger – USB Outlet Installation

I installed two SnapPower usb charger outlets today:

The idea is that you just replace the faceplate of your outlet and get a built-in USB charger “without being an electrician”. It works, as far as that goes, but really it’s almost the same amount of work as installing a genuine USB outlet, e.g., one of these:

I turned off the breaker to my outlets, opened the faceplate, and found out that my outlets had been installed wrapped in electrical tape around the screws. So I had to take the outlet out of the enclosure anyway, to remove the electrical tape:

Once you are to this point, it’s not really a whole lot different to disconnect the entire old outlet and replace it with a “real” built-in USB outlet such as the ones shown above. Nevertheless, I took off the electrical tape (as mentioned in the “obstructions” section of the SnapPower installation brochure), put the outlet back into the wall, popped the SnapPower cover onto it, and everything works:

[ this picture also shows off a charger cord I repaired ]

I’d recommend these outlets if you specifically had a desire for the cable to come out flush to the wall, perhapsĀ if you were installing this behind a piece of furniture. Otherwise I’d have to say you may as well go all the way and buy the “real” USB outlet, which has the benefit of looking at little more professional and gives you two USB connections instead of just this one.


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  1. Fellow Austin homeowner here. I was thinking about installing a few of these in my studio, after seeing your post I think I definitely will. Looks easy to install and gives a nice high tech vibe. Thanks.

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