4 Replies to “The Lights are On!”

  1. Come on Neil, what’s going on this year? Only green? What happened to the rotating colors? South Austin deserves better…

    If you’re going to go big, don’t quit on the five yard line. You’re better than that.

  2. I know, I know. Some of the controllers are flaking out and then I had to go out of town and couldn’t help figure it out. There may be hope tomorrow.

    Depending on where you are seeing the lights from, you may in fact notice that they aren’t even all green — one strand is blue. It’s not wired wrong; it responds correctly sometimes, and other times (like now) it responds by firing blue for green, red for blue, etc. … it needs to be replaced.

    “Almost all green, one blue” was at least somewhat esthetically ok, so that’s how I left them for now. I may just take the errant strand out as a dark area may be better than entirely wrong color.

  3. It seems to be mostly working tonight. Looks like we still have to replace one controller at the tower, or if lucky there’s a short we can clean up somewhere. The red and blue seem to bleed into each other so commanding red or blue at the tower results in a pink/purple that of course doesn’t match. However, since it’s the tower it’s allowed to be different for now, until it can be fixed, hopefully, tomorrow. There have been many more problems this year and not sure why; perhaps the el-cheapo chinese controllers haven’t aged well; they may have to be replaced with something more industrial next year (which undoes the charm of having hacked this together from fairly cheap components, but so be it… the SHOW is the thing!)

  4. Neil, you’re a gentleman and a scholar. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties this year, but I look forward to seeing what you have in store for the rest of the holiday season.

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