Male turkey

Male turkey on display
Male turkey, front of house 4/24/2012

This morning’s visitor. Be sure to click on it (and do whatever else your browser requires you to do) to view the full-resolution actual (pixel) sized image.


I have two different owls up here. One is a Great Horned, one is a Screech Owl. They each live in their respective owl boxes that were put up (there are several all over the property). Most recently observed/identified on a wildlife survey with Plateau Wildlife Mgmt a few days ago. Didn’t get a great look at either one – just saw them flying away as we approached their box.

New Wildlife Camera

Bought a Bushnell “Trophy Cam” … self-contained camera and motion detection software, IR flash. All very fancy. Attempting to capture a picture of the roadrunner and the turkey that have both been coming up here.

So far the thing has done an excellent job of capturing pictures of guys mowing the lawn.