Supreme Ruler of the Universe: Thermostats

When I am Supreme Ruler of the Universe, people who crank the room thermostat down to 50 because they think it will somehow cool the room off faster will be forced to live one week in a room that is 50 degrees, without any warm clothes, coats, or blankets.

Supreme Ruler of the Universe: Are You a Robot?

Every now and then I make an observation about something I would do to improve everyone’s life, well — almost everyone — if only I were made Supreme Ruler of the Universe. I’m collecting these phrases and posting them periodically on my site.

For example:

When I am Supreme Ruler of the Universe, the devs who code the “click every picture that contains a car” robot detector will get run over by cars, ideally driven by robots.

I’ll be adding more; they will all be in the Supreme Ruler of the Universe category so you can find them easily when you are deciding whether you wish to support my humble campaign for this position.