Wildlife Report

I live on a hilltop adjacent to a wilderness preserve. I see a lot of wildlife up here. Some of it is interesting, some not. Here’s a summary:

Animal Most Recently Seen… When Notes
Deer Everywhere. Often right outside the MBR windows. Always
Rattlesnakes Landscape bed at main (south/keypad) house entry March 2012 Prior to this, hadn’t seen any near the house since 2009. This guy had to be killed of course.
Bobcat Jeep trail November 2011 Pic
Grey Fox Backyard and Pool Deck May 2019 Pic 1
Pic 2
Pool Deck 2017
Red Fox Master Bedroom patio December 2011 Pic
Roadrunner Driveway, lower garage area, MBR patio, east courtyard, pool deck May 2019  Pic
Coyote Seen recently halfway down the hill. They are everywhere of course. Feb 2017 Roadrunner! Coyote’s after you!
Wild Turkey Pool deck March 2019 Best picture (not recent); MBR Window picture; Video
Skunk Driveway near retention pond Feb 23 2013 I drove right by and did not stop to take a picture
Golden Cheeked Warbler Northeast slopes below old jeep trail April 30th 2009 Tastes good with ketchup!
Bats Upper Garage / South Entry August 24th 2009
Great Horned Owl North border (electric service entry area). Consistent with prior sighting in owl box set up near lower jeep trail. May 2019 Identified with help of Plateau Wildlife Mgmt.
Screech Owl Owl box down north slope from MBR Feb 2011 Identified with help of Plateau Wildlife Mgmt
Cedar Waxwings Flocking on the trees, east side of the MBR patio March 16th 2010
Jackrabbits Running across the driveway road Mar 2017 Picture from MBR window
Hopelessly Lost Humans Knocking on my windows at night July 2017 This most recent one was lost in the preserve for hours, without a phone and eventually climbed all the way up here at 9:30 at night. Catch and Release performed.
APD Eurocopter Ravine over Barton Creek All the time. N1240W and others. Flying over the wilderness preserve  seems to be the preferred route to get out to Oak Hill and other such places; I see these guys (hear them first!) all the time.